Adventures of the Kobolds

The kobolds gather allies

The kobolds decide to sell some of their loot to Jeren, the doppleganger merchant. While selling off their loot, Jeren tells them about a group of Kobolds in the hills that have recently had a dragon move into the area and they are worshiping it now. The group decides to head over their and see this dragon.

Once they get their they meet the leader of the tribe and he takes them to the cave where the dragon has made its home. They are suspicious from the start as none of the kobolds have seen the actual dragon. They have seen tracks and scrorched trees but not the actual dragon.

While looking over the tracks, they notice that their are booted foot prints that have been partially wiped out. They decide to leave the cursed items they have as “gifts” for the dragon and return the next day and see if they can get whatever is actually inside the cave to use those items and have to tell the truth.

When they return the next day they find out that whoever was inside the cave, has left. They go into the cave and find the device used to make the dragon prints and a huge horn that was used to make it sound like a loud voice speaking from the cave. They find some tracks of 4 booted feet outside the cave and follow those tracks. It takes them the better part of the night to follow the tracks to their owners.

They find 4 gnomes camped out and talking about having to leave as one of them got a cursed item. The group waits for the gnomes to go to sleep and then they sneak into the camp and take out the 2 on guard duty and then kill the other 2 in their sleep.

They head back to the kobold camp and talk them into joining Muhktar’s worship. They head over to Undron’s lair to talk with him about the mysterious “N” and to see if he needs anything done. They find out from him about another tribe of kobolds in the mountains being threatened by a group of ogres but nothing new about “N”. Undron requests that if the kobolds are going to deal with the ogres, if they can bring back a piece of flesh from the leader.

They head up into the mountains and find the pass watched by a pair of ogres. While sneaking up on the ogres, they notice a large winged shape flying overhead, circling. Tyraxus gets a feeling that the winged shape isn’t a threat and they attack the ogres. During the attack the large winged shape lands and attacks the other ogre. They winged shape turns out to be a Mythic Wyvern that has been sent to help them.

With the new help they decide to head straight for the ogre leader. They find him relaxing with a pair of ogres and they start to sneak up on them. The ogre leader appears to have acute senses as he hears them sneaking up on him and the ogres attack. The kobolds prove to be up to the challange and are able to take care of all 3 ogres. They take the head off the leader to take back to Undron and then head over to the cave the kobolds are in to liberate them.

With their leader dead, the remaining ogres prove to not have the heart to stay and run off into the hills. The kobolds in the caves decide to join up with our group in the worship of Muhktar. They head back to Undron with the Ogre head.

Undron is grateful for the ogre head and tells the group that while they were gone he has received some info for them. There is a group of knights that are searching for “Muhktar” to pay them for killing the adventurers. He also tells them of a Gargoyle up in the mountains that he would like the group to destroy and retrieve a crystal from.

They head out and find the knights camped out near the road, fairly near to Undron’s lair. They decide to drop in and see what they know. They sneak up and listen in on their conversation and find out that the dwarf in the group is a tracker and has been following their tracks from the village. They decide to wait until the knights go to sleep and then take them out.

They devise a plan and after taking out the guards are able to wipe out almost the whole camp while they sleep but the cavaliers mount attacks them as they try to go into its masters hut and they are forced to fight him. With no help the cavalier is quickly taken care of.

They fly up to the site where the gargoyle lives and decide to camp for the night and tackle the gargoyle in the morning.

What else will they find when they confront the gargoyle? What other challanges will they find?



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