Adventures of the Kobolds

The First of many adventures

The defeat of the adventurers

After many weeks of hiding out in caves and trying to keep track of the evil adventurers that slaughtered their tribe the Kobolds are finally ready to try to exact their revenge. Before they can head out a group of Hobgoblins decide to stop for the night in the very cave that they are using as their current base.

The Kobolds decide to sneak out and kill the Hobgoblins in their sleep and they are very successful at this until one of them doesn’t quite die and alerts the lone guard to the situation. This doesn’t help him survive for long. They quickly dispatch the guard and the last Hobgoblin and look for loot. They find a box with a trap on it that leaves one of them laying on the floor recovering from the poison. The other 2 stand over her and go thru the contents of the box. They find a sword and a ring and some gems in a bag, along with a note saying to take the box to the sorcerer in the hills and have the items identified and brought back. They are able to identify the ring as a cursed object and put it aside to see if they can sell or give it to someone later. They sword they can’t identify and decide to head to this sorcerer and see what he/she can do.

They have heard of this sorcerer before but never had a need to go visit so they must explore a bit to find the lair of this sorcerer. While heading toward the hills where the sorcerer is supposed to reside they encounter an Owlbear chewing on something. They decide to try to sneak up and see what it is eating. They are able to get close enough to see that it is a human in nice clothes and they want to distract the Owlbear and take any items from the body that they might want. While getting into position, they attract that attention of the Owlbear and it starts coming in their direction to see what the noise is. They try to use some spells to get it to go somewhere else but it ends up coming right at them.

They decide to attack the Owlbear as they have the superior numbers if not size. One of them climbs a tree to jump onto the Owlbear while another tries to circle around behind it. The last one stays near the tree the first one climbed up and waits. When the Owlbear gets close, they attack. They are able to flank the Owlbear and it is only able to get one hit in before they take it down. They head over and find that the body is from a traveling merchant and they collect some goodies from the body and continue on toward the sorcerers lair.

After some searching of the hills, they are able to find the entrance to the sorcerers lair and they yell into cave to get someones attention. They are met by a Drow but one that appears to be a vampire! They are toward to follow and they enter a small worked stone structure buried in the hill. They find another Drow who has 2 more Drow guards who all appear to be vampires. The Drow on the throne greets them and introduces himself as Undron. He tells the group that he is aware of an adventuring group in the area and points them to a village in the area that the adventurers and resting at. Undron tells them that if they are willing he might have some work for them after they are done with their vengeance.

They leave Undron and head to the village to kill the evil adventures. They find a quiet little village in the woods and one of the Kobolds decides to disguise himself as a halfling and enter the small inn to find out if the adventures are there. He sneaks in during the evening meal and finds the place a bit full. He starts asking the innkeeper some questions and finds out that the table right behind him has 2 of the adventures but he noticed that one of them left the inn shortly after he arrived, looking at him a little weirdly. He noticed that the elf that left went outside and he overhears chanting coming from outside. He sees an older human start looking thru the window toward him and is able to get behind another patron to block the humans vision. He sees the door to the inn open up and the human and elf and another human enter the inn looking in his direction. He quickly decide to abandon the recon and head outside with the excuse of reliving himself.

Once outside he heads toward his companions and hide. The 2 humans and the elf are joined by the other human that was still at the table and they all head outside looking around. They overhear the elf telling the older human that she swears the halfling looked a bit reptilian. Without being able to find the halfling her suspicions can’t be confirmed and after a few minutes the adventurers head back into the inn.

The Kobolds wait dark to sneak back into the inn and find that the adventurers are bedded down near the hearth in this small inn for the night. The innkeeper they saw leave and head to another building. They are able to sneak in under cover of a silence spell and dispatch the wizard who was sitting up on watch. They are able to go around and dispatch the other adventurers and loot the bodies without raising an alarm.

On the wizards body they find a journal that talks about how a mysterious figure met the adventures in Toldor (a small town a few days from the village) and told them about the den of kobolds in the hills. This figure only referred to itself as “N”.

Who is this mysterious “N”? Why did someone send these adventurers after the kobolds? These questions ran thru their minds as they celebrated the destruction of the adventurers that killed their tribe. During the celebrations various prayers were said to the kobolds deity, Muhktar. The small dragon skull, that is the only thing left from the shrine their tribe had to Muhktar, seems to fill with power and bestows power on the kobolds.

The Kobolds have become Mythic beings by the power of Muhktar. For what purpose they don’t know. For now they revel in their new found power.

What do the Kobolds do next? Only time will tell.



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